As the country welcomes more investors and eases the process of doing business, Alabang is cropping up as a fortress of economic boom. Commercial establishments and office buildings populate the area, attracting startups, medium-sized businesses, and established firms.

Locators in Alabang are welcomed by the masterplanned Filinvest City, a premiere garden CBD envisioned to meet global business demands. Developments like this position Alabang as the ideal headquarters to successfully run a business.

Let’s take a look at some of the business operations that can establish a presence in Alabang:

Professional Development and Training

Training and workshops are in demand, especially among companies investing in their employees’ knowledge and productivity. This is why running a business focused on training and development can be profitable. Locating in Alabang ensures clients can easily reach your training center via main thoroughfares like SLEX, C5, and Alabang-Zapote Road.

With an office space in Parkway Corporate Center, located inside Filinvest City Alabang, starting a working relationship with other professionals inside the CBD would be effortless. Units at Parkway Corporate Center are combinable, allowing for a more tailored office space.

Digital Marketing

Growing digital marketing firms can also consider locating in Alabang, particularly Parkway Corporate Center. This office condo is in a modern district that supports operations with high data demands. With access to an advanced fiber optic backbone, locators at Parkway Corporate Center can execute online operations without disruptions and attract new and better prospects.

Get inspired by the outdoor views from your office at Parkway Corporate Center (Actual Photo of the dressed-up unit).

Further, the office condo is a great workplace to nurture creativity. At Parkway Corporate Center, employees will be inspired by the sweeping views of Laguna de Bay and the lush green trees of Filinvest City. A relaxing work environment can relieve stress and allow creativity to induce positive working behavior.

Parkway Corporate Center is a 32-storey premium office condo with a welcoming lobby, a retail plaza on the ground floor, a podium garden deck, and a shared balcony on every five levels.

Virtual Assistant Agencies

More and more people are working remotely without a support staff. Thus, the rise of virtual assistants. They help professionals simplify email management, scheduling meetings, and making travel arrangements.

At Parkway Corporate Center, the digital savvy can start a business dedicated to virtual assisting. Startups may consider having a 36-square-meter office space for lease or sale and get access to state-of-the-art facilities. Besides having a high-speed internet connection, Parkway Corporate Center also has 24-hour security, making it an ideal workplace for virtual assistants who need to work during odd hours.

Legal Services

Parkway Corporate Center’s prime facilities and positive work environment are fit for law firms or individual lawyers looking for a productive workspace. In addition to offering a private, secure, and enjoyable headquarters, its strategic location allows you to network with professionals or potential clients within and near the office condo.

The hustle and bustle of being in a vibrant district are eased by the greenery at Filinvest City’s Central Park (Actual Photo).

Parkway Corporate Center’s address is on the corner between Parkway Avenue and Corporate Avenue, across River Park and Festival Mall. In this office condo location, businesses can easily access central hubs and build an established business trademark. Parkway Corporate Center is in the exceptional CBD that is Filinvest City. Although it’s a high-growth area, it’s not as crowded as other districts, which helps boost businesses’ brand visibility.

App Development

As digital transformation continues across different industries, app development has been synonymous with marketing strategies. This is why app development companies would do well investing in an office space that maximizes productivity.

Location-wise, Parkway Corporate Center can help boost a company’s long-term performance. Its proximity to transportation hubs allows employees to have a more manageable commute. The surrounding green space, such as Central Park, can promote a live-work-play lifestyle and offer that much-needed mental break.

Parkway Corporate Center is designed to evolve with your team and business. Hence, the availability of units with flexible layouts. Selected units also have provisions for an executive toilet.

Settling at Parkway Corporate Center, you can have an office unit tailor-fit for your business while enjoying convenient access to lifestyle hubs and roadways. Its strategic location inside Filinvest City allows you to grow your business in a sustainable, future-ready, and people-focused community.

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