Filinvest City, the economic capital of Metro South, brings together a diverse group of businesses, not only welcoming tech-oriented BPO companies, but also those which proudly uphold Filipino products like TYC Trading & MFG Phils., Inc.

TYC Trading & Mfg. Phils., Inc. is one of the many companies that make up the diverse and dynamic economic landscape of Metro South. Incorporated on Feb. 8, 2005, TYC Trading exports abaca pulp to countries around the world, mainly Japan.

TYC Trading’s Processor, Pulp Specialties Phils., Inc. has its Plant in Leyte, which converts into pulp abaca fibers stripped from the abaca plant that is endemic to the Philippines and internationally called “Manila Hemp”. Because abaca is the strongest fiber in the world, initially used for cordage by shipping companies, the pulp is used for a variety of paper products needing high tensile strength, such as tea bags, coffee filters, oil filters, currency paper, cigarette filters, electrolytic paper and even sausage casings. The demand for electrolytic paper, also made out of abaca pulp, is now increasing due to increase in battery-operated products which need paper that can withstand high temperature.

Initially, TYC Trading had set up operations in Makati, but moved to the South in Alabang. Soon, they will find a much better home in Parkway Corporate Center in Filinvest City.

Now ready for occupancy, Parkway Corporate Center is one of the new properties that make up the “new generation” central business district, defined by innovation and technology. “Though we’re located in a business zone, there’s still a feeling of balance with nature. What we particularly like about this development is that our office faces Laguna de Bay, which is very energizing,” says its President, Anne Marie De Chavez. Moreso, unlike other CBDs that feel cramped because of overdevelopment, Filinvest City follows a green philosophy, ensuring to incorporate open spaces to maintain the balance of nature and building structures.

As location is very important to the company, Filinvest City offered the ideal address, providing the perfect balance of ease and accessibility it needed. Everything, from malls to hotels, shops and even schools are a mere few minutes away. Parking spaces are also not a problem. The presence of several big companies such as Toyota and Ford is proof that Filinvest City is a real good location for businesses.

TYC Trading bought its Parkway Corporate Center unit when it was still in the pre-selling stage, and so they were delightfully surprised when it was finally built. “We are so impressed. It’s not only an office, but it feels like we’re in a five-star hotel. We love it!”, says its Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Emmanuel Sarmiento.

With a brand-new home set in an inspiring and energizing environment conducive for business, TYC Trading & Mfg. Phils., Inc. is expecting to grow even stronger.